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I have been using Southwest Greenmaker and soil activator for four years now. My yard always looks great. During the winter months my yard stays green while the others in the area begin to loose their color. This year I started mulching, and the soil activator has really helped with the cut grass. This also keeps me from having to run the dumpster to empty bags and fill the landfills.
Douglas Johnson
Amarillo, TX 79101

Thanks for getting me on the annual feeding program. My lawn looks much better this year---and you keep the product there until I need it. Can't get better than that. Also, the Dr. T's Mosquito Repelling Granules are great for keeping the little monsters subdued. One note of thanks to all the ones who help each year in picking out the correct plants for our shady and sunny spots. You've made our yard and patio look much better.
Dave Rogers
Amarillo, TX

I have a gardening business and started using Panhandle Greenhouses when one of my clients gave me several flower designs to plant which Rhonda scribbled on a couple cardboard carrying tops. The designs were great and I've been sending people to you to buy your plants ever since. The plants my clients have brought me from your business have always been top quality. Once there was a mix up in the order and Larry made it right immediately. He is always friendly and very helpful, even when people don't know what they want.

I have personally found that you are more knowledgeable about plant care than any other nursery in this area. Last year, I took a branch from one of our trees to one of the other nurseries in town to find out why it was dying back and they told me it looked like overwatering. When I took a branch to your nursery, you told me right away that the biggest problem with it was scale. After taking your advice and spraying our tree, it now is leaving back and looking a lot better. We will definitely spray it again when it's dormant to protect it from overwintering insects. Also, you advice on another tree we were having problems with took care of that problem. We were trying to save a tree that was severely dying back and we were close to losing it. After applying iron on the ground around the tree, we found it wasn't responding very well. We found your advice in the monthly e-mail extremely helpful and your suggestion we should try the Medicap iron implants to save the tree. We could hardly believe how fast and how well the tree responded to the implants. It started greening up and producing new healthy leaves within a week! In only a few weeks, it started looking more healthy and growing like crazy. We thank you for your extensive knowledge of plants and have found that we will no longer trust anyone but you, your employees and your greenhouse for all of our plant care needs.

Pat & Pete Holcombe

I can definately attest to the iron implants that worked on my 20 foot Austrian Pine and will continue to use them each year.
Jay Trosper

Please email me at james@panhandlegreenhouses.com with any testimonials on any of our wonderful products or anything that you would like to say about our business. Email me.

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